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Please note that we are not currently holding services at the church due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We will update our social media sites as soon as we have an update on when services will resume as well as other ways we can serve our church and community.  

There Is More To Life Than "Staying Alive"

We fill our lives with many meaningful things; family, friends, work, leisure, and so on: but have you ever considered that this is just a small part of your total existance. I am sure that you have realised, or felt, that inside there is something, or some part of you that never seems to feel any older. It seems to have stayed the same for as long as you can remember. The Bible calls this part of you, the soul! It is that part of you that will live forever: The soul never dies.


If this is so, then you are left with several questions: What will happen to your undying soul? What can you do to protect it from harm, or guarentee it a happy eternity? United to your failing body, it's helpless to help itself without you, because it IS you.


It's you in total. What's more, it's you eternally. Worst of all, without Jesus, it's you in isolation and seperation from God's love.


When we become a Christian the barrier between us and God is broken down by His love toward us in Jesus. When we ask Him to forgive us, all of the ways we have failed God are forgiven. Without this, we remain in a continual prison of eternal seperation. It's time to be set free through faith in Jesus, to walk in, live in, and enjoy the presence of God in Your life


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